Yoga classes in the heart of Carlsbad Village!

We offer exceptionally fun and challenging yoga classes for everyone in Carlsbad! Expert to novice, baby to senior citizens. Our goal with this studio is to keep a welcoming place. It is our pleasure to cultivate wellness and community while improving your personal yoga practice!

Putting humans in charge of the earth, is the cosmic equivalence of letting Eddie Murphy direct. -ALF

Sundays we have a new donation based community class @ noon!

As an introductory offer we would like new customers to enjoy 3 weeks of yoga for $30. Take a look at our schedule and find a class

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Carlsbad Village Yoga and Co-op

Please check out the new schedule here

Help us keep that community feel…

January starts YOGA BINGO!!

Our goal here isn’t to create a competitive space but this competition is really fun! And it is me and Raechal’s way to show how much we appreciate your efforts on the mat.
At the end of January we will pick 5 #’s at random. The #’s represent dates (2-31). If you have come to class on all 5 BINGO dates you win a Carlsbad Village Yoga Prize. It’s super dorky but fun.


Upcoming favorites…


New Mommy and Me classes on Thursdays. Bring your baby up to age 3! Mallory is a mother to an 18 month old so she understands the importance an impactful well timed workout. I will be here to color and play with the kids who wont just lay next to you! It can also be Daddy and Me yoga if you are a man. We won’t discriminate.

Kayma is going to lead a vision board workshop on January 28th (4-5:30). Come set your intentions for the new year. Visualizing your goals every day helps you attain them. Kayma will guide you through creating a lovely image to manifest what you want out of 2018.

Valentine’s Day Special! 2 (1 hour) massages for $99 . This is a deal for non-co-op members. Co-op members pay $49 for massage so it isn’t really a special for them. 

We are collecting personal care items for Vista Teen Outreach. There will be a collection basket at the studio for soap, deodorant, shavers, feminine pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes. Thank you for helping us out with this!

Eric is working upstairs as our resident therapist/life coach.


 Look for more interesting workshops and adventures to come!


Carlsbad Village Yoga

You don’t paddle against the current, you paddle with it. And if you get good at it, you throw away the oars.
– Kris Kristofferson


Raechal Levin


“For me, yoga is playtime, me time, time to recharge, so that I can be more patient and present for my family. I hope the same is true for my students as well, that they will let go of their worries, let their hearts be light, and explore ever deeper the Divine within.”

Raechal’s contortionist like movements and philosophical ponderings will inspire you!


Candy Gibson

Front Desk

Candy is not a yoga teacher. She started practicing yoga in this very building years ago. She wants to work a fake karate class into the schedule and use this space to promote volunteer opportunities. She is currently finishing up her thesis in order to get a masters degree in public health. Food insecurity among children is a particular curiosity for her. Candy’s favorite thing to do is get lost on adventures with her children. (if you come by come see my office, I painted it to look like a watermelon)

We all count is the evening of January 26th
It is a federally mandated annual one day snap shot of people who are living with out steady housing. North County San Diego currently doesn’t have enough volunteers. Please check the website and volunteer. Volunteering is good for your overall wellness.

Click here to volunteer.

Pricing for classes…

Join our co-op($19/mo). Co-op members pay only $10 per yoga class! You get special co-op pricing on all services ($49 massage) and classes being offered here. When we start selling members only jackets you can legitimately wear one!

Monthly Unlimited


If you are planning on coming in 3 or more times a week this is worth the monthly commitment. It is mostly unlimited in that you get all normal weekday classes (it excludes fun Friday and certain workshops).
There is a military, student, senior citizen (65+), committed volunteer discount. $99
Don’t you want to be able to do head stands on stools?


3 Weeks Unlimited

$30 Introductory Pricing Rate
for curious new customers

In the 1950’s a plastic surgeon noticed that it takes  3 weeks to become comfortable with a new nose(kind of  an interesting read). We are hoping that after 3 weeks you become comfortable doing YOGA. Come try out the studio and turn a curiosity into a habit.

SO. . . Come on in


Don’t let our good looks intimidate you! Come in and see how much you enjoy yoga. We maintain a community like atmosphere and welcome novice to expert yogis! Share your positive energy with the group.


Find us behind the hair salon, next door to the bakery, between two bars

2801-B Roosevelt St
Carlsbad Ca 92008
in the village


Send us a postcard!

I really love getting postcards. There is something very special about an actual handwritten note with a glossy picture on the cover.
So, here is our address 1 more time:
2801-B Roosevelt St.
Carlsbad Ca 92008
(cleverness and well wishes are always appreciated)