Click on links for teacher or specific class information

@9 Flow 1/2 with Gretchen
@ 10:30 I-journey active vinyasa flow (closed group) with Erin
@12 Deep Stretch with Kayma
@ 6 Intro to Yoga with Christopher
@7:30  Acro Yoga (1st & 4th, check MBO) with Amanda M

@9 Gentle Yoga with Kayma
@12 yoga fit with Jenny
@6 Restorative Flow with Gretchen
@7:15 Intermediate Flow with Becca


@9 Fun flow with Erin
@10:30 classic hatha with Jeanie
@12 Pilates yoga fusion with Lynn
@ 1:30 donation based chair yoga with Jen
@ 3:30 kids yoga with Rachel
@6 Prana flow with Kristen
@7:30 Yin Yoga with Katie

@6 am Morning Bliss with Kristen
@9 level 2/3 flow with Jonathan
@10:30 Mommy and me yoga with Mallory
@12 yoga sculpt with weights & Jenny
@4 Stand Tall with Kristen
@ 6 a slower flow with Candi
Special events or workshops

@9 all level flow with Jonathan
@12 Fast Flow with Rachel
@7 FUN FRIDAY! (see MBO schedule)

@9 Breath Happy with Parag (only offered 1st Saturday of the month)
@10 Yoga Flow 2/3 with Fiona
Full moon circle the Saturday closest to the full moon with Chris Dilts

@10 Sunday Stretch with Kayma
@12 community yoga with GUEST!
2nd Sunday Sound Bath @ 7 PM on the 2nd Sunday of the month with Sarah

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist