August 5th we will be, should be, WILL BE in our new location at 3087 State Street

We do yoga and don’t take ourselves too seriously
Outside setup
Class schedule


We have a great intro month offer of $49 and then $94 after that 
Covid is basically over, now let’s all seek World Peace.


 let’s keep it lighthearted

The studio is in Downtown Carlsbad and we really value the people who come into our doors (or tent). The studio offers classes from kids yoga to Chair Yoga. Challenging and easy!  Every weekday at 10:30 we offer a Gentle style Flow. There are All Level Vinyasas all over the schedule. New Monday Night Restorative and Tuesday noon Yin class to keep everyone relaxed and loose.

It’s just yoga!

It should be fun and make you feel good in your body.

New stuff at the studio~ sort of

Kids Yoga is Wednesday at 3:30 pm

This gives caregivers a chance to walk over to the Carlsbad Farmers Market during class. Go buy those children some vegetables to eat when they are finished with yoga, it’s almost like you live in a Pottery Barn catalog.

New App!

Hate is a strong word. I hate the Mind Body App and the studio recently got our own app. It is in the Apple Store but not the chrome one, yet.  download it Here is the description.

Hiking Club Info

The hiking page is Cotton chillz. A group of us are training to Hike Mt Whitney this October so the hikes are steep, until then. Anyone who loves the outdoors and doesn’t complain too much is allowed to join. I try to post 2 a week on instagram or check the app. OK, so this year we are hiking the sticker. I am going to start adding mid week easier hikes that aren’t for training for Mt. Whitney.

Karmic Yoga, our way!

The new Karmic Yoga pricing is explained here. We want you to go out into the community and do good! I am not asking you to clean the studio. Go find a cause you love and care about. Donate your valuable time to it! Then come back to the studio for discounted yoga.

Happy Hour Yoga

On Fridays at 4:30, before you would really go out, we have a yoga class and a cocktail. They are light hearted and social with some yoga thrown in. It is a fun way to start the weekend and usually has a theme.

Wellness Workshop in April


class warrior pose vinyasa


Find us next door to the bakery, between two bars. Sort of hidden across the street from Prontos.

2801-B Roosevelt St
Carlsbad Ca 92008

A little about me section, I’m Candy