Find your center with yoga in the heart of Carlsbad Village!

Yoga in Carlsbad Carlsbad We are exceptionally fun and in a great location! The studio is a welcoming place that makes people feel more confident about themselves and their developing yoga practice. We offer Hatha, Vinyasa, and Fitness style classes. There are also Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga classes incorporating all age groups in our community. Come take advantage of our intro offer!

It’s a fun story and incredibly unprofessional on my part but the studio FACEBOOK page was deleted. Please Like, Share, Follow the new one!


We are offering a Big Deal Special right now! It is $45 a month for unlimited 9 am classes. Trying to create a little 9 am cohort of sorts who practice together regularly. And who come in and tell me how pretty I look.

3 weeks of Yoga for $30

(for people who reside in or around Carlsbad)

Three weeks of yoga classes will allow you the time to learn what teachers and class times best fit into your life.

See schedule
(You can directly sign up for classes)

Don’t let yoga intimidate you! Come in and see how much you enjoy it. Find us next door to the bakery, between two bars. Leave your ego at the door and come reconnect with yourself.

2801-B Roosevelt St
Carlsbad Ca 92008

A little background on how this came about…