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Most Creative Tree Pose in the Village

In order to be safe we have moved all of our class to Facebook live

In the mean time we are having a Most Creative Tree Pose Contest. Take a photo anywhere in Carlsbad Village, be creative. And be doing a tree pose. Tag the studio in a post on Facebook or Instagram or twitter (we don’t have much of a presence on twitter) Use @carlsbadvillage to do said tagging. We, a select group of teachers and me, will judge your tree. Yoga is very judgy like that.

I am one of the judges so realize your smile is probably more important that your form-and you can wear masks, eye smiles are the best smiles.

The winner will get one free month of yoga when we reopen and a mat (it is a pretty good Manduka mat). We will be looking at photos until Bob Dylan’s birthday (5/24, also my birthday) and announce a winner that night or next morning. Don’t hurt yourself, be mindful! The more people who participate the more fun this will be.
If you need help perfecting your tree pose watch some of the free videos we have been posting on Facebook, stay limber Carlsbad. We love you and want you to emerge fresh and flexible when this thing is over.

bellySome of the classes in the next couple of weeks will be focusing on getting rid of some quarantine weight that may have been gained out of boredom. There wasn’t much to do so I would bake cookies and then I would get bored again and eat the cookies, it is a vicious cycle. The classes to look out for (in case you also had a baking/eating cycle thing going on in quarantine) are Beth’s Thursday class at 12, Fiona’s Saturday class at 10, Erin’s Monday class at 10, Jenny’s Wednesday class at 12. I need to get a new driver’s license soon I don’t want to be lying too much about my weight on there.

Welcome to the studio!




We are exceptionally fun and in the heart of Carlsbad Village! The studio is a welcoming place that makes people feel more confident about themselves and their developing yoga practice. We offer a varied schedule including Restorative, Hatha, Yoga Sculpt and Vinyasa. The studio hosts all sorts of community events for all age groups.

We have a studio facebook page that isn’t too annoying. It has updates about events and stuff. Also, you can join our hiking group from there, Cotton Killz.

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Intro offer for new customers. Come check out the studio!
1 month of yoga for $45

(good for one person)

A month of yoga classes will allow you the time to learn what teachers and class times best fit into your life.

Find us next door to the bakery, between two bars.

2801-B Roosevelt St
Carlsbad Ca 92008

A little background on how this came about…


Vinyasas Flow with Raschel
class warrior pose vinyasa