amanda pose

I am originally from London, England. I had a busy career in Telecommunications, which left little room for life work balance, so I began to practice mediation and from that I found Yoga. After a few years of practice I took a sabbatical in 2000 to study Sivanda Yoga in India, there I found a deeper understanding of Yoga as a life choice, as well as the immediate physical and mental benefits of Yoga practice. I continued to focus on my career and to practice meditation and Yoga, I was fortunate to learn from some great teachers, and I continue to do so, for which I am, forever grateful.

My teaching practice incorporates Hatha, Ashtanga, flow, Pranayama with a focus towards breath as the initial start point of the moving meditation of Yoga. This allows room for the Yogis I guide, the time To connect internally and gain much needed space from the stresses of daily life, as well as, increase Fitness Strength and Calmness of the Mind.

I invite you to giggle, be aware of the child within. Enjoy and be Free to Connect with Your own inner Wisdom. A favorite Asana of mine is to take the corners of your lips and lift them Up towards your cheeks creating a blissful SMILE, I look forward to Seeing You and practicing with You soon