About App

Easy to use and will allow you to schedule a yoga class at Carlsbad Village Yoga, in North County San Diego. You can also sign up to hike, volunteer and socialize with us here. Most importantly a list of yoga classes, because Carlsbad Village Yoga is a yoga studio. The menu will have class explanations and clearly explain time and cost. These classes will help your yoga practice advance and grow.

This is a scheduling app. Possibly the most life changing scheduling app you have ever seen. Congratulations, you are on your way to enlightenment.


We sincerely welcome you on this journey.

The studio does lots of activities. We encourage you to engage in these activities because it builds a solid community. We are cool. You want to be apart of this community. Who doesn’t want to associate themselves with a bunch of do gooders, who hike, play board games, and also from time to time take some yoga classes.

Not just any classes. Classes taught by some of the most challenging and light hearted teachers in North County. Teachers who don’t care what brand of yoga pant you wear.

There are always volunteer opportunities to do and you are generous with your time. Altruism does more for the person performing the altruistic act, so is there really such a thing as altruism? Volunteering is fun when you do it with friends, or random people you met at a yoga studio. I think it is considered karmic yoga, but not sure. Our volunteer opportunities do not include cleaning the studio but if you donate enough time you will save money off of your unlimited monthly yoga practice. If you are passionate about a particular cause I can add it to our list. This isn’t just about my dreams.

The app also lists random women’s group activities, around the Full Moon. And hikes. We go hiking. Sign up here so we know who we are waiting for in the parking lot.

“Buy my cereal”-Krusty the Clown

Hmm hopefully there is a way to buy merchandise, and hopefully I will have gotten around to ordering that merchandise.

If nothing else you get a little disco ball icon on your phone now! Enjoy




App is only available on the Apple App Store.