September 19th 2018,

the homer

About me!

My name is Candy. I bought this studio—that I love—summer of 2017. I started coming here years ago because I had bought a Groupon. Yoga intimidated me, but I figured for the bargain price of a Groupon it was worth a try.

This space turned out to be such an inviting comfortable space, and the owner, Deb, was amazing at making me feel safe enough to try something I felt very awkward about attempting. loved it. Immediately, I loved every class. I tried all the types of classes because I had an unlimited month pass. I wasn’t good at any of it. I can’t do the splits. I can’t do a handstand, but I sure had fun trying.

I also admired Deb’s commitment to the community. She had such an impact with the events she was planning out of the studio. Unexpectedly, the opportunity to purchase the studio fell into my lap. I am not a yoga instructor, and I never want to be. I enjoy being a committed student of yoga.

I don’t know much about running a business, but I am quickly learning. It is a sink or swim situation that I am trying to handle gracefully. I wish that there were Quickbooks retreats in Bali like there are yoga retreats. I would be all over that.

I do have a master’s degree in Health Promotion. So my hope is to maintain the community atmosphere that Deb so lovingly fostered in this space.

The class schedule has been expanded to include a variety of styles. Somewhere in the schedule there is a class for you! We offer meditation and stretch classes as well as fitness focused pilates and sculpt classes. We have skilled teachers who understand that it is their job to pull out the eager student from everyone who walks in the door. We also have fun here! Why not?

Update as of July 30th-I taught a class (it’s legal, just no one would hire me) I loved it! So, I am going to start teacher training.

Update as of January 2021-I’m a little shocked we managed to stay open! The tent is my favorite thing although tent maintenance is more than I imagined. And, it keeps having the same issues but I have yet to learn. I feel like there is some yoga in the situation. Look for the yoga! It is always there. Still love running the studio. I need to learn how to manage people. I thought I would get better with time but I guess you need to put effort into actually learning to manage people.

Me with my four children before they got taller than me!

candy with kids 2020
5 years later, time flies. Bridget is still shorter than me. Max is almost 6’5″. Henry and Mitchell are playing JV baseball for CHS, Max goes to UCSD, Bridget Cal State San Marcos and she works at Prontos (I’m such a proud mom)