bryan by mural

Bryan is an easy going Yoga instructor who loves to lead his students through mindful hatha flows with an emphasis on breath, body and energy awareness. His classes tend to start with some form of grounding meditation and chakra activation. Moments of stillness and reflection might be included throughout. While some sequences may be more challenging than others, modifications are always shared, especially for those brand new to yoga or working through injury. Bryan especially enjoys creating community through his classes and is always excited to welcome new faces to the studio.  

Bryan makes kids skateboards for a living and is opening a family skateshop in the village this summer. As an active member of our hiking club he loves exploring the great outdoors of San Diego County. He takes lots of pictures of especially pretty things and some days he finds time to ride his motorcycle. He is thrilled to be living in Carlsbad with his teenage son Zyler and a funny little dog named Guru.