Click on links for teacher or specific class information

@9 All Level Flow with Erin
@ 12 Sculpt with Erin
@ 6 Basic Yoga Flow with Jessica
@7:30 Meditate and Restore with Shae

@9 Level 1&2 Vinyasa Flow with Jen S
@10:30 Gentle Flow and Stretch with Jessica
@12 All Level Yoga Flow with Raschell
@6 All Level Flow with Karen

@9 All Level Flow with Jenny
@10:30 classic hatha with Jeanie
@12 Sculpt with Weights with Eileen
@ 1:30 Donation based Chair Yoga with Jen
@6 All Level Flow with Dima

@9 Level 1&2 Hatha Flow with Brittany
@10:30 Gentle Flow and Stretch with Peyton
@12 Vinyasa Flow, all Levels with Raschell
@ 4 Stand Tall , yoga for teens, with Jessica
@ 6 a Slower Flow with Jessica

Special events or workshops or board game nights, check MBO

@9 All Level Vinyasa Flow with Taylor
@10:30 Fast Flow  with Jenny
@6:15 FUN FRIDAY!May 31st it’s a Silky Flow fundraiser for Ijourney

@10 All Level Flow with Fiona
Full moon circle the Saturday closest to the full moon with Chris Dilts


@10 Sunday Stretch with Kayma
@11:30 Level 2/3 with Karen
@ 1 pm All level welcome Community Flow, pay what you can YOGA with Jessica

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist