Welcome back everyone!
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@6am All Level Warm with Victor
@9am All Level Flow with Victor
@10:30 Slow Flow with Candy
@ 4:30 All Level with Emma
@ 6  All Level Vinyasa with Shae


@9:00 All Level with Catherine
@10:30 Gentle Flow and Stretch with Machel
@12 All Level Yoga Flow with Emma
@4:30 All Level with Dima
@6 Power Flow with Emma
@7:15 Restorative with Jenny

@9 Level 1,2 with Shae
@10:30 Gentle with Bryan
@3 KIDS YOGA with Candy
@4:30 Anusara with Barbara
@6 All Level Flow with Dima 

@9 Sculpt with Fiona
@10:30 Gentle Flow and Stretch with Machel
@12 Vinyasa Flow, all Levels with Jenny
@4:30 Fitness Flow with Emma
@6 a Slower Flow with Shae
@7:15 Cardio Fun with Marti, not Zumba but similar

@6 All Level Warm with Victor
@9 All Level Vinyasa Flow with Victor
@10:30 Gentle Flow and Stretch with Bryan
@ 4:30 Happy Hour Yoga with Amanda/Jenny

@10 All Level Flow with Fiona
@11:30 All Level Flow with Dima
Full moon circle the Saturday closest to the full moon with Christopher Dilts, @6:45
Next Full Moon is September(still jury is out)

@8:30 Vinyasa with Machel
@10 Sunday Stretch with Machel/Bryan

classes may be subbed on occasion for other teachers most up to date schedule is on Dibs, the book now circle the bounces around the page

Special Events and stuff that is out of the ordinary

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist