Welcome back!

These are some guidelines that we hope you can respect as we reopen this week. The numbers are on the rise. We need to be mindful of how we interact in order to keep the most people safe. I am a big fan of masks, I know they aren’t comfortable. But I am a “we over me” type thinker. It is about genuine community.

  • Please pre-sign up for classes
  • Place mat in taped marked spot or over mat on the floor, they are measured with social distancing guidelines
  • Bring your own mat
  • Use the clean shelf blankets, when finished put them in the basket. If you don’t feel comfortable bring your own props
  • Do not come if you have shown any symptoms of covid, especially fever. This includes difficulty breathing, headaches, sore throat. It may not be covid but we honestly don’t want the flu either. It is summer!
  • Wear a mask at the entry. Not on your mat. But when you walk in. Sign in should be easy because you pre-signed up

The teachers are all having their temperature taken when they arrive. We are bleaching door knobs and front desk are, and cubbie areas between classes. The floors are being constantly wiped down between classes and the bathroom cleaned. The doors are open whenever possible to encourage air flow. Lingering indoor is no longer encouraged. We have some cute patio furniture now! This won’t be too much different. Just a little more cautious.