Are you curious about something?

What should I do to prepare for my first class?
dress comfortably and drink plenty of water. If you don’t own a yoga mat you can use one of our, please wipe it down when you are finished using it. We suggest you show up fifteen minutes early to get yourself situated on the mat. Relax, yoga is about connecting body and breath. It is hard to do if you aren’t relaxed.
No one is looking at your underwear.
Probably better information is here, from this retailer of yoga things. GAIAM

Do I have to join the “co-op” to come to classes?
you really don’t but the classes are more affordable if you do. If you just want to test it out an there is an intro offer of $13. If you aren’t sure you will come that frequently the drop in rate is $18 a class. Joining the co-op supports the co-op of course and we really appreciate it. Is there a more pretentious word than co-op? I’m not sure about that.

Do I have to be a co-op member to participate in special events?
No, you don’t! We are trying to create a community like atmosphere here. The more the merrier. Just remember to be respectful of the people and place surrounding you.

Where are you located?
We are between Ce La Vie and Hennessy’s Tavern. Good things come in threes. It can seem a little hard to find us because we are behind a hair salon. We will try to have our trusty bamboo sign on the side walk to be more visible. Sometimes rowdy Carlsbad kids take it and parade it around town but we will try to have it out there.

Various Reiki Healers

The studio has a variety of reiki practitioners working here. It is something you may suspect being that we are a yoga studio. I had to look up what it is. If you already know and want to book a reiki session or you just want the experience  book it here.

Our Studio

This is an open and spacious studio with room for at least 30 people. It is all newly painted and has your typical wall of mirrors. And the most wonderful disco ball hangs securely in the corner.

Sound Healing Sundays

The Second Sunday of each month we offer a special sound bath hour, hour and a half. Become fully immersed in the vibrations of the bowls that are surrounding you. It allows you to relax at a profound level.

Right in the heart of Carlsbad

We are less than a block from Sunny Donuts! I don’t think you can get more decadent than fried dough and stretching. The guy who owns the donut shop has an impressive life story. He escaped some sort of military regime in his youth. Then spent his wedding night at the donut shop because he couldn’t afford to close for the day. Carlsbad has some pretty cool characters around town!

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