Kids Yoga is held every Wednesday afternoon at 3:45. A fun little group. They do yoga for 45 minutes and a small craft. It is a good opportunity to drop off your children and walk over to the farmer’s market on State Street.

Stand Tall Yoga for tween girls is designed to promote positive body image and will be held on Thursdays at 4.

On the last Thursday of the month at 7:30 we will have a book club. April 25th we are getting together to discuss The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. It is sort of philosophy! It is a book about how if we don’t take care of past trauma those traumas manifest in physical ways. Yoga can help you deal with trauma! It is sort of a plug to do something physical, I guess.  The book club is part of my vision of a French Salon From the 1920’s. So romantic!

Teisha Hinton wants to use the space for a free Mom’s night out Yoga class. That is going to be on Wednesday nights mom's yoga flier8:15 until 9:15, come stretch, meet other mothers and get a little body confidence back

All classes are offered to ijourney or Leap to Confidence graduates for $5. We strongly encourage yoga as a coping mechanism to heal trauma. Erin and Robert (2 of our wonderful teachers) started the non-profit Ijourney as a way for Veterans to deal with their PTSD without the use of medication. I am a graduate of Leap to Confidence. It is a program designed for women to feel like themselves again after leaving abusive relationships or dealing with other uncomfortable life circumstances.  For more information on Leap to Confidence or Ijourney click on these links. I am so happy to be able to support these organizations.

Befriending Your Body: How Yoga Helps Heal Trauma
is a great article by the author of The Body Keeps the Score


All classes for anyone under 21 are $10 drop in.

Join our meetup! It is the Carlsbad Unpretentious Yoga and Sailing Group. If anyone knows how to sail please join! We will meet every other month after the donation based yoga class on Sunday mornings.

PLEASE PEOPLE! Some of you have to be into this stuff
In order to tour the Jet Propulsion Lab at Cal Tech we need a group of at least 20. You get to see the Spacecraft Assembly Facility! November I would be allowed to schedule an April tour. I am trying to get a list together of who would be interested and best dates in November for the most people. The tickets are free but everyone would be responsible for their own transportation. The tour involves less than a mile of walking but there are flights of stairs we would get to climb.

More information about what JPL is.
Email me if you are interested!



Ana and I teach Science Olympiad Experimental design every Monday afternoon. It is a group of middle schoolers who compete in a complete write up of experimental design. If you have suggestions I need them! Viasat hosts all of the classes which is great. We can use all the stuff at their facility to design experiments around. They have a slide and now a suspension bridge.. If any of you are lab scientist we really need someone to come and talk to the kids about ethics. We lost last year but plan on taking TOP 4 next year. Carmel Valley took all 5 of the top 5 positions. If anyone has moved from that area to our’s can you please fill us in on their secrets. If anyone has any great ideas to teach kids science share them! This is my favorite thing I do but I feel terrible when the kids don’t make it in the top 20. They get such sad looking faces. Also, Carlsbad is better than Carmel Valley. We can do this!

This is how the point system is organized. Help if you can!

Science Olympiad standards

This is a great group of people who come together on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30. It is a very gentle class to get you moving and the teacher is very cautious of peoples prior injuries. This program is run because of support from your co-op membership.


We organize a clothes swap twice a year where people in our community bring clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry that they no longer use (for both kids and adults) and go home with items they will use.  The leftover items are donated to the Women’s Resource Center. The next clothing exchange will be held on Saturday July 13th. Hold onto gently used clothing that is still wearable. 


We have a collection box in our entrance right now! We are trying to collect common toiletry items for the kids who use Vista Teen Outreach pantries. The pantries are set up in middle schools and high schools that are in the Vista School District. These pantries allow the kids to get necessities for themselves. They also need canned foods! Please help us help this cause.

The 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:30 the Carlsbad WordPress Meetup gets together at the studio. They are a very welcoming group. They are here and willing to help anyone with questions about how to build and manage a website. Really a great group of people!

Board game night! The 3rd Thursday of the month we are having a game night at the studio. It will be held after Candi’s Slower Flow. Games bring people together in a light and enjoyable way. Come into it not taking yourself too seriously and you will be fine. If you have a game you want to share bring it! But don’t be offended if group consensus says no. Also, no Monopoly!