Stand Tall Yoga for tween girls is designed to promote positive body image and will be held on Thursdays at 4.

All classes are offered to ijourney or Leap to Confidence graduates for $5. We strongly encourage yoga as a coping mechanism to heal trauma. Erin and Robert (2 of our wonderful teachers) started the non-profit Ijourney as a way for Veterans to deal with their PTSD without the use of medication. I am a graduate of Leap to Confidence. It is a program designed for women to feel like themselves again after leaving abusive relationships or dealing with other uncomfortable life circumstances.  For more information on Leap to Confidence or Ijourney click on these links. I am so happy to be able to support these organizations.

Befriending Your Body: How Yoga Helps Heal Trauma
is a great article by the author of The Body Keeps the Score


All classes for anyone under 21 are $10 drop in.

Join our meetup! It is the Carlsbad Unpretentious Yoga and Sailing Group. If anyone knows how to sail please join!

Chair Yoga:

This is a great group of people who come together on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30. It is a very gentle class to get you moving and the teacher is very cautious of peoples prior injuries. This program is run because of support from your co-op membership.


We organize a clothes swap twice a year where people in our community bring clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry that they no longer use (for both kids and adults) and go home with items they will use.  The leftover items are donated to the Women’s Resource Center. The next clothing exchange will be held on Sunday November 3rd. Hold onto gently used clothing that is still wearable. 

Read the Book!

On the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 we will have a book club. Read the Book! This month we are reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. I love Brain Pickings and they have a lovely written review of the book. There is also a short little youtube video that summarizes the main points of the book. Read the Book, just don’t think watching the video will have you ready for the serious discussion we will be engaging in. The book club is part of my vision of a French Salon From the 1920’s. So romantic!