Interesting Carlsbad

Awesome Carlsbad

There are many interesting things to do around this little town. We do have miles of wonderful beaches ( my favorite is in front of Army Navy) but we also have hiking trails, an amusement park, special community events and interesting museums.

Museum of Making Music

The museum of making music is up near Lego Land California. Music is such an important part of life. This museum gives you the opportunity to experience the evolution of jazz, folk, rock ‘n roll and pop. It is $10 general admission and $7 for students.

See their website

Hiking Trails

There are over 50 trails to hike around Carlsbad. There is even a hidden rope swing among the eucalyptus trees. Smell the trees! It almost smells as good as Christmas.
See city site about this Here

Power Plant

The power plant is an icon among our fair city. If someone could figure out how to get a tour of the power plant please let me know. It fascinates me and I would love to know the ongoings there. I know it is getting torn down soon but in the mean time someone make this fantasy happen not just for me but for all of us. If we get enough people to pester them they might give in and start doing general tours!

Carlsbad 5000 is March 25th. Join us and walk/run to the beer garden for some fun. We will be hosting a prestretch at the studio that morning!