‘I’ve been always an avid gym-goer, but it wasn’t until I found yoga that I truly felt strong.
The balance, peace, and self-awareness that taking a few minutes to breathe and stretch has been so life-changing.Yoga taught me to appreciate how strong my body is and train my mind to just breathe through even the most difficult times. That confidence radiates onto every other aspect of my life. Yoga is a must for someone like me with a fast-paced career, a husband, and two high-maintenance dogs to care for. My goal is to share my love of practicing yoga with people who may think it’s pretentious or simply can’t afford classes.

Yoga is so transformative; everyone deserves to experience that.
My mission is to help people find the thing that they have always been looking for in a place that they never thought of and didn’t know they needed!
You’d be amazed how different the world becomes standing on your head.”
-Jean Keane, Heads Up Yoga 🧘‍♀️

Jean in pose