Aghhh… this means so much to me but I do have a hard time clearly explaining it

Karmic Yoga

Cheaper unlimited monthly yoga if you commit to volunteering 4 hours per month. Pick something cool that really interests you. It all falls into our community building, generosity theme we have going on. Volunteering means alot to me, it was almost my graduate thesis topic. There are immeasurable benefits about doing good for others. The experiences are ways to learn about people and situations you may not normally interact with. Find something you can commit to for 4 hours a month or do one of the activities I promote. If you can provide proof of hours you do all the yoga you want for less money per month.

Selfless acts for others
Bigger Picture Stuff

I’m not sure whose version of It’s All Good I like better. I was obviously going to Link to MC Hammer’s song but then I found a Bod Dylan one. The world is just so full of magic!


One of my favorite organizations Produce Good 
Another great one Kitchens For Good
Has some random volunteer opportunities San Diego Food Bank

I am apart of a Food Policy Council, so yes this is food heavy.

Other opportunities are available.
Volunteer Match is a good place to start, get ideas, fantasize about saving the world.