The style of yoga I teach is called Kunga Yoga. “Kunga” is a Kinyerwandan word meaning “to help or to serve”. The mission of all Kunga Yoga programs is to offer the teachings of yoga as a path of service to the planet, it’s people, and all beings. I donate 5% of the proceeds from my classes to Kunga Charities, which benefit underserved populations – fundraising and working with orphans from Rwanda, Jamaica, India, Thailand and Bali. Classes incorporate all different styles of yoga and meditation, focusing on monthly service themes that encourage practitioners to take their practice off the mat and out in to the world as well – using what they learn in the practice to help serve themselves, their environment and everyone who’s life they touch. Classes are for the curious, the seekers, the beginners and the advanced, people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Sessions emphasize personal choice and individual needs in a supportive, inclusive and non-competitive atmosphere that allows students to learn and grow at their own pace. All students are encouraged to listen to, and honor, the wisdom of their own bodies.