A little about me: I moved from the north east – NYC / NJ a little over a year and a half ago where I was teaching FT – yoga, meditation, workshops, 200 & 500 YTT modules and retreats.  I am also with Beauty counter (not sure if you have ever heard of it?) – and a Reiki Master.  Last year I launched a restorative teacher training that blends reiki + aromatherapy + restorative yoga. I have trained 12 teachers between the three trainings (2 trainings back in the NE). Additionally I am the only teacher certified in the SoCal region to teach Mindful Yoga Works – an 8 week evidenced based program for which I trained at Duke Integrative Medicine.  One of my beloved and popular back east specialties is Yoga Nidra.  I teach it as a workshop — The Art of Relaxation ~ Yoga Nidra.  But really anything helping people create tranquility and listen to what their Soul is asking for is my dharma.