Drop in Rate

$18, $13 for first class

Drop in Schedule

 If you are just coming to try it out or you have already come to try it out and you just aren’t sure you want to commit to anything then this is the option for you!

Join Our CO-OP


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     When you join the co-op drop in classes are only $10!

Discounts on merchandise and other services.

Massages are only $49

  • 90 day commitment 
  • Unlimited Yoga all Month Long!


    per month

    unlimited class plan

    • Unlimited monthly yoga, including Fun Fridays!
      If you feel completely comfortable here and know we will help you progress.
    • If you plan on coming 3 x’s per week 

    Massages are only $49

  • Discounts on merchandise and other services 
  • Our three week special is still available. It is for people who are not yet apart of the co-op and who think yoga may be a valuable addition to their lives. It is 3 weeks of unlimited yoga classes that are offered here, not at other people’s yoga studios. 

    In the 1950’s a plastic surgeon noticed that it takes  3 weeks to become comfortable with a new nose(kind of an interesting read). We are hoping that after 3 weeks you become comfortable doing YOGA. 

    Packages are also available. A ten pack class pass that is good for 6 months is $125 and can be shared among family members and couples. Click here to purchase!


    The only studio in Carlsbad with a disco ball. You know what that means. We are fun!