Massage Therapists


Gabe does deep tissue massage here on Fridays. He has a gentle disposition but well skilled strong hands for massage. You can book with him through the MBO app here.
“Gabe’s hands intuitively know what your body needs… It is a very strong and very deep massage (just breathe through it) but it’s the good kind of sore—the one that’s putting everything back to how it’s supposed to be… So glad to have Gabe at the Co-Op!”
-Kim V


Mental Wellness

Ghada Osman

Meet Ghada, our in-house psychotherapist in the upstairs office. She is also a yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist, and author of a new book, Mental & Emotional Healing through Yoga: A Guiding Framework for Therapists and their Clients. She holds workshops at the studio on yoga for emotional health from time to time. See her website,, for more information.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are hosting a hygiene drive to donate items to Vista Teen Outreach. They are an organization that helps kids in Vista by offering food pantries in Middle and High Schools. They need toothbrushes, hair brushes, shampoo, soap, feminine pads and the sorts. These basic self care needs break down barriers so the teens can feel more normal like their peers in school.
Learn what VTO is all about

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Come in and see us

If you have any questions about massage therapy or styles feel free to call and ask 760-529-2767

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