If you could talk about the importance of a skin care routine and how it improves self worth (or however you view it)

Everything we say to ourselves and do for ourselves in our everyday lives helps to teach our brains how to view ourselves. One of the biggest benefits I’ve found of having a very intentionally selected skincare routine is the way that just doing it, teaches you that you (and your skin and your physicality in general!) are of value.

Most of us grow up thinking of skincare as just another hygiene chore. Like brushing your teeth. That kind of attitude begets the attitude that our skin is just another thing we’re obligated to keep clean whether we care or not, and that breeds the attitude towards ourselves that we’re only worth the basic care. And a lot of us also come to skincare from a place of fear. Fear of acne when we’re younger, fear of wrinkles when we’re older. This teaches us that our skin is something we just have to deal with because we’re afraid of the opinions of others. There’s not much joy in either of those attitudes. That means we don’t train ourselves to have joy in our physical shells either.

But when you curate a really nice skincare routine, where you chose the products because you enjoy them, they feel good, and they really do something extra for your skin so you also feel extra good about how your skin looks, and you do your skincare routine with intention, it trains you to feel that you have value. You have more value than just as a physical shell that needs kept clean. You are worth the extra effort, you are worth those few extra minutes of the day that you focus on yourself. Your physicality is a source of joy.

It’s absolutely transformative to start taking joy in these little acts of self care. It ripples out into all the rest of your day. The increased confidence that you radiate, and the way you learn to take pride and joy in your physicality!

Talk about inspiration for writing the book

I’ve always wanted to write a book like this. I have a lot of the same information on my blog and Instagram, but they’re not organized in a really straightforward, linear fashion, and I wanted a physical book that pulls all the foundational concepts together in one place that people who are new to skincare can refer to.

I got the offer from my publisher right before the Covid lockdowns happened. I literally signed the contract like the day before everything shut down in 2020. So I ended up writing it during lockdown that summer!

Talk about how yoga works into your philosophy of life/self care

Yoga is another extension of my philosophy of care for your physicality. One of the things that I’ve treasured the most on my yoga journey is the discoveries of things I can do with my body now that I never thought I could do before. It’s all a product of patience, persistency, and consistency, which is how I approach skincare too.

Also, as I get older, I realize how important movement is to keep your body healthy and strong and mobile. I’m 44 and I know so many friends around my age that feel like their bodies are falling apart. They’re always in pain, there’s a lot of things they feel they can’t do anymore. I don’t want to have any more of those limitations than I have to. I think we should always be working towards growth and trying new things, and there are always new challenges and surprises in a yoga practice!

I loved the slide you posted the other day with the minimum face routine! So maybe a few products you suggest to people like me (who have no routine but would like one)

So I think everyone should have, at minimum, cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen (especially in SoCal!). A beginner-friendly routine would be something like:

-Cleansers: Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm (PM only, use it to remove sunscreen and makeup before washing face) and 107 Chaga Jelly Low pH Cleanser (AM and PM; it’s very very gentle cleansing)
-Moisturizer: It really depends on your skin type and how much moisture you need, but I really like Mizon Hyalugen Le Lift Cream as a nice and affordable middle ground moisturizer that most skin types will be able to use and is sensitive skin friendly.

-Sunscreen: I love Japanese sunscreens for very very high protection without being greasy or gross feeling! You can get Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence sunscreen on Amazon (the Japanese version, not the US version) and it feels like next to nothing on your skin!

Link to your book:  https://amzn.to/4e9fg7U
Link to your I stagram:  https://www.instagram.com/fiddysnails/
Any other advice, recommendations. Maybe a favorite yoga class or classes you enjoy

Think of skincare the same way as yoga. You don’t start from nothing and immediately go for the most challenging classes, right? You work your way up slowly from wherever your starting point is, gradually adding more complexity as you become more advanced in your practice. So don’t try to start a 10 step routine when all you’ve ever done is wash your face with water. Just start with the basics as outlined above and as you get to know your skin, you’ll be able to slowly add what you need and avoid what you don’t.

And I love Sascha and Erich’s Vinyasa classes and Ashley’s and Joseph’s Power Yoga classes!

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