The studio holds unique workshops and events. Hopefully you can experience something new that will enrich your life. I am always looking for ways to help people connect with themselves in novel ways: either through art, breathe or meditation. These events are also meant to be enjoyable!

The first Tuesday of the month we host the WordPress Meetup. It starts at 7:30 pm. Each month a speaker explains a relevant topic with regards to web design, web hosting, marketing ideas. This month the theme is: yet to be determined! 



Full Moon Energy & Sound Angel Healing Circle

with Christopher Dilts

$20 drop-in / $15 Co-op

Every Saturday closest to full moon!  6:45 – 9:30pm Let Chris help you harness the power of the full moon. It is an exceptional time to receive gifts from your guardian angels. This ceremony will not only relax you but it will help clear your mind allowing you to set personal goals and intentions for the rest of the month. August 17th at 6:45. It is the Sturgeon Moon but also goes by Grain Moon or Fruit Moon.

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book 101 anecdotes

Book Club August 27 @7:30
A Journey Through Philosophy in 101 Anecdotes 
by Nicholas Rescher

I actually went to a book store for this. I lingered in the philosophy section hoping my soul mate might walk in and be thumbing through philosophy books as well. Thanks for nothing Amazon! The days of bumping into the love of your life at a bookstore are over. Anyways, I like how easy this is to read. It is kind of intense philosophical concepts told in little 1-2 page digestible stories. 

The Watermelon Festival
Watermelon Watercolor
September 8th at Historic Magee Park
This is the 9th annual Carlsbad Watermelon Festival. It will start around 1pm and be all sorts of Watermelon Madness. There is sorbet, pickled rind, watermelon juices, watermelon beer, and a spelling bee for the community. It is a gardening competition and you should bring your largest homegrown watermelon to be weighed against all other melons! The band this year is The Walter Brother’s Band. It is fun, that’s the point!


For mental health practitioners and yoga instructors/ yoga therapists: Using Yoga to Work with Mental Health

Friday & Saturday, September 13, 14, and 15th  12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
10 CEUs for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPPs, and LEPs in California (CAMFT-approved CE Provider # 95007)

Ghada on yoga mats

While talk therapy is prized as the key method to heal mental suffering, the experience of psychological pain actually starts in the body. We might notice “butterflies” in our stomachs when we’re nervous, tightness in our chests when we’re sad, and tension in our shoulders when we’re stressed.

This training provides therapists with somatic-based tools from the yoga tradition that they can incorporate into their practice. It begins with an introduction to yogic philosophy as it relates to emotions, followed by a detailed framework on how to use yoga to work with key mental health concerns. Participants will leave the trainings with a wealth of knowledge, a variety of practical tools, and the confidence to use them. The course is also open to yoga instructors to provide them with general background information. 
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Reiki 4 Workshop coming soon!

More information at

September 7th Reiki training 2 and November 16th Reiki training 3 with Susan and Jay.  They do the reiki healing during the Full Moon Circle every month. You can check their website for more information and to find out how you can join in their Reiki Shares. 

Worrier to Warrior Workshop
Sunday October 13 2pm-4pm
cost is $40 per person 

The Worrier to Warrior workshop is a safe, calming and empowering experience that offers a vast toolbox of techniques to calm the mind and open to the pristine present moment. While these practices are tools that Lisa collected on her path of healing from disordered anxiety and panic, this workshop is appropriate for anyone wanting to cultivate a kinder inner dialogue and release the grip of worry about “what other people think”. During the workshop, you will be invited to explore mindful, intentional movement including purposeful yoga postures, breathing techniques, guided meditations, visualizations, compassionate personal inquiry and journaling.

You will learn to:

· Use breath and mindfulness to calm your body and mind

· Build a renewed relationship of trust with your body

· Discover the roots of anxious thinking

· Empower yourself to overcome harmful beliefs

· Create a much kinder inner commentary

· Choose love over fear, moving toward “nothing to prove and nothing to hide”

· Build resilience, learn to work WITH emotions

· Cultivate real self-worth and self-compassio

All bodies are welcome, and no previous yoga experience is necessary. You will not be required to speak in front of the group.

Please bring a journal and pen.
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We are collecting personal care items for Vista Teen Outreach. There will be a collection basket at the studio for soap, deodorant, shavers, feminine pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes. Thank you for helping us out with this! We are always coming up with new ways to help out the community. Just ask and you can come along! Harvard says volunteering is good for you!