The studio holds unique workshops and events. Hopefully, you can experience something new that will enrich your life. I am always looking for ways to help people connect with themselves in novel ways: either through art, breathing, or meditation. These events are also meant to be enjoyable!

Music Festival Watermelon Planting
On September 22nd, we will be at the Carlsbad Music Festival at St. Michaels Church. There will be watermelon seeds, soil, and little pots to plant in. Take them home and grow your largest Watermelon! Bring the melon to the Carlsbad Watermelon Festival in September! 

Chakra Women’s Dance Class
On April 29th we are offering a Chakra Dance Workshop for $10. 11:30-12:30 come move your 7 body energy centers. It’s great for any age and no experience is needed. Sign up on the app. 

Book Club! 
Women in White Coats is meeting in the salon on April 23rd at 1pm! Bring snacks and drinks and the desire to have good conversations. This book, in my opinion, reads like a text book but it is full of information.
There is a well managed Instagram site linked HERE 


Happy Hour Yoga, every Friday afternoon at 5:30. Sascha, Erich, Machel, and Beth rotate teaching a fun focused weekend ready flow! Come let loose before you start your official weekend. . Come and take a very silly class Friday at 4:30. Woo! Hoo!

Join our meetup! It is the Carlsbad Unpretentious Yoga and Sailing Group. If anyone knows how to sail please join!

hiking photoHiking Club, Yoga Hikers!

We have a hiking group Cotton Chillz. It is connected to our Facebook Page. 2022 we are hiking all the trails on the sticker. From Monserat in Fallbrook to Mt. Whitney. It will be fun and light and good for our hearts. 



Chair Yoga

This is a great group of people who come together on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30. It is a very gentle class to get you moving and the teacher is very cautious of peoples prior injuries. This program is run because of support from your co-op membership.