The studio holds unique workshops and events. Hopefully you can experience something new that will enrich your life. I am always looking for ways to help people connect with themselves in novel ways: either through art, breathe or meditation. These events are also meant to be enjoyable!

Beyond Yoga

Sarah’s sound bowl set up. She plays the second Sunday of every month at 6:00 pm. The healing vibrations of the bowls will help ease any daily stresses you may have.
August, 12
September, 9th
October, 14th
It is the cost of a regular class

Full Moon Energy & Sound Angel Healing Circle

w/Christopher Dilts

$20 drop-in / $15 Co-op

Every Saturday closest to full moon!  6:45 – 9:30pm
Let Chris help you harness the power of the full moon. It is an exceptional time to receive gifts from your guardian angels. This ceremony will not only relax you but it will help clear your mind allowing you to set personal goals and intentions for the rest of the month.
August 25th

more information right here
More trivia about the name here


Register for the Full Mead Moon

Art of Living Happiness Program

Management Skills for a Happier Life

Art of Living teaches breath meditation techniques. We are hoping with Parag’s help people learn to use this as a tool to create more peace in their lives.  The goal is to have all who attend leave more joyful, confident and wiser.

Art of Living  workshops are hosted here on the second weekend of October.

If you would like to know more check their programs page or give Parag a call.

Parag Arole, 858-212-6413

This link will take you to the programs site!


Check the schedule for Fun Friday events. There is an invigorating flow with essential oils, restorative yoga with magical crystals, black lights and sound bowl Fridays. These are all only $5 if you are a co-op member! Free with unlimited monthly membership.

Saturdays we are switching barre to a sculpt class! In an attempt to get men into the class. Jenny leads a solid workout with weights and she will incorporate squats at the barre!  The class is an early morning for a Saturday from 8:45-9:45. I didn’t want to remove this link because I love it so here is a collection of crazy vintage pageant photos.

Stand Tall is our teen yoga that is held on Thursday afternoons @4.

This event will be held again around the Autumn Equinox
DIY Flower Crown and Meditation Workshop
We refresh and rejuvenate the spirit while cultivating joy, beauty and our connection to the earth! Katie uses meditation + local, in-season flowers to help each participant build a flower crown creation that speaks to their heart and represents their creativity and unique beauty. Everyone leaves rocking a smile, an open heart and their very own flower crown creation!

We are collecting personal care items for Vista Teen Outreach. There will be a collection basket at the studio for soap, deodorant, shavers, feminine pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes. Thank you for helping us out with this!

We are always coming up with new ways to help out the community. Just ask and you can come along!
Harvard says volunteering is good for you!