Emma face
Emma teaches Monday at 4:30, Tuesday at Noon & 6pm, Thursdays at 4:30

Victor Sitting
Victor teaches Monday at 6am & 9am, Wednesday at 6am, Friday 6am & 9a
Fiona teaches Monday at Noon, Thursday at 9am, Saturday at 8:30 am and 10am
jenny head shot
Jenny teaches Tuesday at 7:15 pm and Thursday at Noon
Dima laying
Dima teaches Tuesday at 4:30, Wednesday at 6pm, Saturday at 11:30
Amanda teaches at 10:30 on Monday, Friday Happy Hour at 4:30
Bryan with hands to heart
Bryan teaches Wednesday at 10:30, Friday at 10:30 and Sunday at 10
Shae, up close, face
Shae teaches Monday at 6pm, Wednesday at 9am, Thursday at 6pm
Machel teaches Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 and Sunday at 8:30 and 10am
Catherine teaches Tuesday at 9 am and Wednesday at Noon