I have explored the poses and philosophies of yoga for 16 years and each practice surrenders me deeper into breath and presence. I initially chose to undergo yoga teacher training for self-study and selected Vinyasa as my specialty path for two main reasons:

1) to calm the mind by focusing on breath with movement

2) to explore the ease or difficulty of each pose as a direct reflection of my internal/external world.

Once I completed my 200 hours, I grew to recognize how much more expansive this practice can be when coming together in community and passing forward what I’ve been taught. So, I have come to teach yoga with reverence for its roots as a healing modality.

Alongside my yoga teacher training, I utilize my knowledge and experience as a music therapist (M.S., MT-BC) to curate hand-selected playlists and provide unique sound healing activations in savasana. My growth with yoga has not been linear, but it has always been a source of inspiration for the balance in life we all strive to achieve; as above, so below; as within, so without.

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