Yoga has greeted Sascha throughout her life. Her first class was at her elementary school when she was five years old. Because of Sascha’s dance background, she has always loved the movement of the body. Since 2018, she has embodied yoga as not just physical movement, but as a tool to relieve stress, connect mind, body and spirit, and a way of life.

Sascha has completed her 500 HR RYT certification at MiraCosta College. She enjoyed the continuous learning journey of diving deeper into the history and philosophy behind yoga. As a musician and performer, Sascha has an ear for the perfect yoga playlist!

Sascha’s class integrates Vinyasa by linking breath to movement, and the liberty for students to add to or take away from any of the poses. She enjoys teaching all levels of yogis, and wants her students to feel good in their body. Her class is a safe space for students to let go of the day and make each class a date with themselves! She will also incorporate some yin poses to alleviate the stress held in certain areas of the body. One of her favorite poses is Pigeon pose! She looks forward to meeting you in her next class!

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