Shae started her yoga journey in 1996 after her father was in the hospital. She started teaching yoga to students with extraordinary abilities (esp. those experiencing Autism) since 2006 in public schools in addition to volunteering with veterans experiencing PTSD. She has obtained a 500 hour and a Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher Training Certification, and has countless hours off the record with yoga, volunteering, & helping others. Off the mat, you’ll find her  in nature; Be it hiking, camping, backpacking, running ultramarathons, or somewhere meditating, reading a book, or just being! She always likes to look at things from a yogic perspective. She enjoys a constant expansion of her practice by attending various wellness classes and discussions about relevant topics, ranging from breathing techniques to Ayurveda diet and lifestyle. Her ability to take in knowledge from all aspects of life allows her to be a student herself while simultaneously strengthening her teaching skills to offer an ever expanding range of help for others.

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