I have explored the poses and philosophies of yoga for 16 years and each practice surrenders me deeper into breath and presence. I initially chose to undergo yoga teacher training for self-study and selected Vinyasa as my specialty path for two main reasons 1) to calm the mind by focusing on breath with movement 2) to explore the ease or difficulty of each pose as a direct reflection of my internal/external world. Once I completed my 200 hours, I grew to recognize how much more expansive this practice can be when coming together in community and passing forward what I’ve been taught. So, I have come to teach yoga with reverence for its roots as a healing modality. Alongside my yoga teacher training, I utilize my knowledge and experience as a music therapist (M.S., MT-BC) to curate hand-selected playlists and provide unique sound healing activations in savasana. My growth with yoga has not been linear, but it has always been a source of inspiration for the balance in life we all strive to achieve; as above, so below; as within, so without.


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Erich is a RYT200 Vinyasa instructor who began his yoga journey in 2018. He was trained by Colin Wolpert, an E-RYT500 instructor and was lucky enough to have Colin’s very close mentorship throughout those 2 years, absorbing all that he had to share.

Erich is an Oceanside local who loves art, camping, personal development, philosophy. Aside from practicing Vinyasa, Erich is a practitioner of Zen + Dzogchen meditation techniques. He draws much inspiration and wisdom from Mooji, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Wim Hof and many other spiritual teachers. Erich has an intense passion for holding space and guiding souls towards peace, empowerment, and truth. “We are all just walking each other home” -Baba Ram Dass

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