James N.

“I love this place -wonderful teachers and all classes have been conducted outside during Covid. Candy has done an amazing job of creating a welcoming community and a terrific vibe . her intro pricing makes this the perfect place to practice.”

Laurel O.

“Candy has really made this place amazing. So looking forward to coming back. This yoga studio is clean and calm. Such a good atmosphere and what a great way to start your day‍”

Toby T.

“I told Fiona, the awesome instructor of the Saturday flow class I just visited, that it ranks in my Top 10! of classes I’ve attended. (And I started yoga 24 years ago). Wonderful actual flow and connectivity of movement, allowing for all levels of skill/maturity. When I had questions and called the day before, a live and friendly body answered the phone! Wish I lived closer – 10 stars out of 5 for sure.”

Kai J.

“As someone who once taught yoga, I fully endorse this studio as one that offers excellent alignment focused and creative sequences and flows. The owner has a wonderful vision for providing an inviting space for all.”

D G.

“Carlsbad Village Yoga is a great studio offering indoor and outdoor yoga. The happy hour yoga on Friday’s at 4:30 are a blast and come with a free cocktail! The 6am morning bliss classes with Victor are challenging and a great way to start your day! Super fun studio offering books clubs, a hiking group and various other social events! Great location too!”

Frances A.

“The entrance is small and dimly lit. The yoga area is even darker and more relaxing. The yoga session I attended wasn’t really a hardcore sweat session. . . I just needed to have some guided meditation to help me relax.
To top it off, I found there was a newly opened Lofty nearby so my day was great!”

Mackenzie A.

“The most laid back and genuine studios I have ever been to. Very inviting and welcoming community of people. The owner is so sweet and passionate about yoga and her community. Absolutely recommend. Variety of classes.”

Brooklyn J.

“I love this yoga studio! Super comfortable with so many types of classes that I love to go to with my friends. My boyfriend finally found out yoga is harder than it looks.”

Lexi K.

“My favorite yoga studio!! I have tried 3 other studios in the area before landing here. Carlsbad village yoga is by far my favorite. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. Not pretentious at all.”

Erica from OB

“This is a relaxing studio without the vanity and pomp that often creeps into the image of yoga in Southern California. A genuine brand and space that makes the practice fun and opens up a possibility for mastery at all levels. The owner, teachers and clients in this community are all personable and genuine which is not always easy to find in a yoga studio.”