Yoga Classes-Teacher Spotlight & Holiday Gift Special

Yoga Classes-Teacher Spotlight & Holiday Gift Special

Happy Holidays from Carlsbad Yoga!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Holiday gift special offer from Carlsbad Village Yoga- expires January 22, 2020: 

  • Try the studio for $80.00 a month for unlimited yoga classes for three month commitment. Start your year off right by committing to health, well-being and becoming an active part of a Carlsbad Village Yoga’s community.
  • There is also a intro special- $45.00 for one month
  • Drop-in Holiday fee only $14.00 this month. Sign up online to reserve your space early or drop in a few minutes before class and sign in at the desk.

GIFT IDEAS. Lots of unique handmade jewelry from local artisans in the gift shop area by the front desk including: Yoga pants, tops, soft flowing yoga pants, sweaters, ear rings, jewelry and bracelets. Support a local business nearby buying local.

DECEMBER EVENTS – Full Moon Circle Only one week away!.

PAMPER YOUR SOUL & Skin: Facials by Joy

Spoil yourself this holiday season with a facial and relaxation in a private cozy room, receiving a facial from Joy. Pamper your soul, and nourish your skin with a little love and rejuvenation. Click link to find out more on how to book your facial time with Joy.

Featured here, three rock star teachers at Carlsbad Village Yoga studio: Andrew, Cora and Beth.
Featured here, three rock star teachers at Carlsbad Village Yoga studio: Andrew, Cora and Beth.

When joining any new yoga studio or gym, three questions the practitioner usually has in the forefront of their mind: Will I like the classes? What Class should I take? What are the teachers like? 

Here is a mini-breakdown description of our weekly classes at the studio, spotlighting each teacher that day:

bobby and Erin on ijourney bench
Erin teaches sculpt classes on Monday! Feel the burn with Erin.

MONDAY: Erin- Teachers sculpt on Mondays classes. If you are looking for a class to help sculpt your body for the holidays and feel the burn the next day, try Erin’s Monday classes at
@9 All Level Flow with Erin 
@ 12 Sculpt with Erin; Monday flow is described as ‘powerful and energetic’! Sounds like a great way to start your week.

Andrew on a mat
Andrew teaches at 11:30 am on Sundays and Mondays at 7:30 pm for candlelight meditation flow.

@6 PMI teach Welcome to Yoga every other Monday alternating with Bryan. This class is perfect for those who ware still needing fundamental and alignment cues or just wanting to take a more basic Hatha yoga class without a power vinyasa flow. From Warrior 1 & 2 to Triangle, get ready to stretch those hamstrings and hip flexors with a steady flow of invigorate your body for an early evening of yoga. This class is great for anyone that loves yoga.
@ 6 Welcome to Yoga Flow with Machel
@7:30 Meditate and Restore with Andrew (Check Mind body schedule for this class.) Imagine evening night lit studio and a restorative, meditative class to power your week out after feeling revived from the Meditate and Restore Monday evening class. Andrew has a deep powerful voice that is commanding, yet soothing for the yogis to tune into for a lovely hour of deep breathing, and meditative flow by Andrew.

Tuesday Schedule:

@9 Vin/Yin Flow with Bryan is a one hour yoga flow class with Bryan that begins with deep prana breath

Join Bryan for yoga on Sundays at 10 a.m. at the Carlsbad Village Yoga Studio (alternating with Machel every other Sunday), Check out his website:
Join Bryan for yoga on Sundays at 10 a.m. at the Carlsbad Village Yoga Studio (alternating with Machel every other Sunday), Check out his website:

work along with sun salutation flow to activate the mind/body alignment at the beginning of your work week. Vin/Yin Yoga is the marriage of opposites- subtle / strong, which will help anyone feel more grounded and ready for their week. As I write this, I am  wanting to sign up for this class, too. Bryan has a natural gift of teaching which feels spiritual and authentic in his yoga practice. Highly recommend to those that like Vinyasa flow, with a combination of deep stretching,with Bryan 
@10:30 Gentle Flow and stretch with Natalie is a popular Natalie's facegentle stretch class with flow for yogis looking for a little more movement from their gentle yoga class at the studio. Amanda keeps her yogi students grounded in breath work while warming up the body with a gentle flow that awakens the mind and body in this more dynamic gentle yoga & stretch class with Natalie .

@12 All Level Yoga Flow with Amanda One hour flow with Amanda is perfect for anyone looking for a good workout with yoga, which includes more power poses like Warrior One & Two, Vinyasa flow to power up your lunch time. Amanda has a touch of spirituality that’s just right for those that just want more of the power vinyasa but also enjoy the spiritual connection that yoga naturally brings to any class. I loved taking Amanda’s class. (She also teaches on Thursday, a slower flow at 6 pm.)
@6 pm All Level Flow with Karen– get ready to build heat, move your body and challenge your core do a headstand or two and

Karen teaches Level 1 & 2 on Sundays at Noon and 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

arm balances in Karen’s 6 p.m. level 1 & 2 vinyasa class. Taking Karen’s class is like exploring the edge of your practice and pushing yourself a bit more than you expected…then walking out of class, feeling like a winner. I highly recommend if you love vigorous, intense yoga.

Wednesday Schedule- 

Jenny Eddo Yoga teacher
Jenny Eddo teaches Gentle Stretch at 9 a.m. on Wednesday mornings. Don’t miss her class! If you are looking for her Vinyasa class, 10:30 a.m. on Fridays!

@ 9 am: Wednesday schedule at the studio begins with Jenny! Jenny has years of experience teaching yoga and teaches vinyasa flow to gentle stretch. Jenny brings her love to yoga in each class and shares her thoughts on her bio with this quote:  “I have always returned to yoga as a safe and supportive form of mindful movement. Yoga helps me to find healing in my body and to sustain my belief in my ability to heal and thrive as a healthy individual.” I had so much fun catching up with Jenny at the Thanksgiving yoga studio party. I have taken classes with Jenny but from another studio. She rocks. Highly recommend!

@10:30 am with Jeanie is a classic Hatha class, “Based on the traditional practice of yoga, this class encourages students to move deeper in their practice. Each class will explore yoga postures (asanas) including Sun Salutations and Pranayama (breathing technique) to increase strength and improve flexibility.This full body workout will also strengthen the immune,lymphatic  and cardiovascular systems to help relieve tension and improving overall health.” 

@1:30 pm Donation based chair yoga with Jen is for those that may needa little more body support for yoga poses. Developed in 1982 by Lakshmi Voelker-Binder, this class takes place sitting on a chairs rather than yoga mats, plus standing poses using a chair for balance. Yoga poses are modified for the practitioners need. $5 donation based is suggested.

@ 4:00 Sculpt with Fiona. If you are looking for a class to help sculpt and tone your body,

Fiona teaches sculpt at 4 pm on Wednesday and 10 am on Saturday-all level yoga flow.

Fiona’s mission as a teacher is to share her passion and love for yoga with her students. Fiona teaches

on Wednesday and an all level flow on Saturdays at 10 am. Looking for a lively class to uplift your inspiration? Try Fiona’s classes!

@6 pm All level flow with Dima is an all level flow. Are you looking for a class with pizzazz and classic hatha yoga with longer breath count for alignment and flexibility? Dima is an excellent class sign up for. Dima’s all level flow is exhilarating, while integrating correct alignment in poses. I loved Dima’s Wednesday evening class. I left feeling inspired and excited about my yoga practice. Check out Dima’s link.

@9 Level 1&2 Hatha Flow with Shae
@10:30 Gentle Flow and Stretch with Machel
@12 Vinyasa Flow, all Levels with Beth
@ 4 Stand Tall Teen Yoga with Cora
@ 6 a Slower Flow with Amanda
@7:30 Restorative with a touch of Yin with Beth

@9 All Level Vinyasa Flow with Taylor
@10:30 Strong Flow with Jenny

@8:30 All Level Vinyasa with Beth
@10 All Level Flow with Fiona
Full moon circle the Saturday closest to the full moon with Christopher Dilts, @6:45


@10 Sunday Stretch with Machel/Bryan
@11:30 Strong Flow with Andrew

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